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Move it, Shake it

Brighton's club scene is vibrant, modern and funky. It has everything from hard house and techno to Latin jazz and the damn right outrageous with a bit of tacky thrown in for good measure. The difference between the Brighton club scene and pthers is that it 24/7 365 days of the year, party people from all over the world come to be seen and its very popular with the celebs, most of who seem to live in Brighton! Nights like "Wild Fruit" and "Vavavavroom" add flavoursome glitz and glamour to an eclectic mix. We concentrate on the clubs suited to hen parties as they play commercial girls night out favourites. (I was at that night... I'm still doing the chicken dance! - Ed)
Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier

West Street/Seafront, Brighton BN1 2RE


Glamour and luxury can be found anywhere in this venue, top class white leather couches and modern fittings to mahogany flock wallpaper and velvet drapes adorning the walls in the central seating area of the ‘Parisian Boudoir’ bar, providing the ultimate in lavish surroundings.

Our fabulous Hen Night venue also has ‘The Deep Bar’ complex which extends the ocean theme with a beach inspired bar where you can literally warm up for the evening amongst palm trees, sun beds and crashing waves. A second bar offers a more classically luxurious atmosphere, with leather sofas and stylish yet classic and airy décor. .

Adonis Cabaret Show, Saturdays at Oceana
Adonis Cabaret

Once inside the main building, you will be amazed as the Reykjavik Icehouse hosts the ALL NEW FOR 2010 "Adonis Cabaret Show", afterwards dance the night away or go next door, inside the venue to the New York Disco with a 70's flashing dancefloor, or choose one of the three bars Monte Carlo, Parisian Boudoir and Aspen Ski Lodge.

Saturday night is hen party nightn with the Adonis Cabaret Show
Hen Party

Top DJ's play and if you are at the Adonis Cabaret Show entry is free and so are the drinking and party games with the performers who hang out after the show. Highly recommended.
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Dancing Queen

Brighton is the best UK resort for clubs and there are many different styles to suit any hen party. As there are so many, and in case you think you might end up at the "wrong" club we have put together a selection of the best. Read on..

Brighton Clubs
Brighton Pavillion at night

Babylon Lounge
Babylon Lounge

Adonis Cabaret at the Babylon Lounge every Saturday
Adonis Hen Night Show

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